Fostering a Digital Marketplace that Respects User Privacy and Identity

The Information Trust Exchange Project — Editors, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and journalism advocates taking on the task of making a new market for digital information. Governed by a public-benefit consortium. Committed to respecting individual identity and privacy.

PRIVACY: Last-minute provision in California data-privacy bill may actually create a marketplace that values personal information, observers say; also nonprofits not covered?

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Blockchain and ITEGA: Moving from Metaphor to Marketplace

If “blockchain” is largely a metaphor for such operating principles, then ITEGA at this stage is very consistent with the gestalt of the blockchain movement, once you get beyond the very abstract and application-unspecific technology of chains of data blocks that are...

Surveillance protection: Key benefits for publishers

By Don Marti & Bill Densmore Ad fraud is enabled by cross-site surveillance: A fraudbot collects cookies (“cookie licking”) at a legit publisher’s site, then uses them to look like a human when visiting fraud sites. This is called “data leakage.” The costs of fraud...

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Why Every Attempt At Regulating Privacy Will Fail

Why companies shouldn’t wait for regulation to step up their privacy practices

Under GDPR, publishers are adopting CMPs for fear of losing out on ad revenue - Digiday

Should platforms be regulated? A new survey says yes.

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won

How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump
Also see Facebook's own video of how it says it is fighting "false news."

How Facebook could dodge fake news land mines