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ITEGA-sanctioned services will operate under the guidance of the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association (ITEGA), an initially U.S.-based, 501(c)(3), public-benefit, non-profit organization, established Jan. 30, 2017.

ITEGA’s structure has been evolving since 2015.  It is intended that it will be eventually overseen by  a self-perpetuating, 27-member board with staggered terms and a global outlook.

The ITEGA may choose to create a downstream for-profit company to operate aspects of the ITE ecosystem; more likely it will choose to contract with independent for-profits for services.

ITEGA will become a member organization, with founding roles for Publishing Members, Contributing Members, Technology Members, Participating Members, Supporting Members and at-large members.

It is anticipated that any organization or individual enrolling the public or exchanging value across ITEGA-compliant services will be expected to join a class of membership, paying dues sufficient, in the aggregate, to cover just the cost of ITEGA’s governance and research-and-development roles.


To express interest in supporting early stages the ITEGA by becoming a Founding Member (individual, institutional or publishing), email Bill Densmore, executive director, at or call 617-448-6600.

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