Fostering a Digital Marketplace that Respects User Privacy and Identity

The Information Trust Exchange Project — Editors, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and journalism advocates taking on the task of making a new market for digital information. Governed by a public-benefit consortium. Committed to respecting individual identity and privacy.

"PRIVACY TOWN" -- Can a news organization become its community’s “privacy protector” . . . cut down on ad fraud . . . and reach new readers, viewers and users with trustworthy services? ITEGA considers testing.

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WHAT JEFF JARVIS SAID IN 2015: Could this be a case for ITEGA? “But keep in mind where the real value is: in the relationship, in knowing what people — individuals and communities, not a faceless, anonymous mass — need and want and know so you can give them relevance...


Trust, identity, privacy, information commerce: A look at ITEGA’s values, principles and priorities News organizations, in their struggle to monetize their content, have allowed large tech platforms to continually track, compare, and aggregate data about their...