Fostering a Digital Marketplace that Respects User Privacy and Identity

The Information Trust Exchange Project — Editors, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and journalism advocates taking on the task of making a new market for digital information. Governed by a public-benefit consortium. Committed to respecting individual identity and privacy.

PRIVACY: Last-minute provision in California data-privacy bill may actually create a marketplace that values personal information, observers say; also nonprofits not covered?

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Protected: Pocantico pre-convening discussions

Participants in the Pocantico gathering may click on this password-protected post to see what other participants have written about their pre-convening conversations. To add your own notes, use the Leave a Reply box (SCROLL DOWN)  after using the password to log in.  ...


LINK: Running references to GDPR resources  "Understanding GDPR" -- a Swiss tech company's founder and colleague explain Elie Auvray, the founder of Swiss technology company Jahia has co -authored with a colleague a set of narrative slides explaining their view of...

A briefing about how the ITEGA ecosystem could work

Blockchain is a metaphor for doing things in a decentralized and distributed manner as much as possible. The approach we have supported for the news industry is one in which there is a shared service for authenticating users, and vendors who run within that shared...

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Why Every Attempt At Regulating Privacy Will Fail

Why companies shouldn’t wait for regulation to step up their privacy practices

Under GDPR, publishers are adopting CMPs for fear of losing out on ad revenue - Digiday

Should platforms be regulated? A new survey says yes.

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won

How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump
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