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Privacy Beat, June 13, 2019

Multiple Perspectives on How a More Privacy-focused Future will Take Shape

The stringent requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act have the big-data tech companies trying to get something less burdensome out of Congress. But this week we feature an analysis that suggests CCPA could continue to govern Internet privacy even if a federal law attempts to pre-empt it. Meanwhile, privacy promises don’t mean much if you can’t read them, and a New York Times story found most of them are unreadable. And they also aren’t much use if antitrust law isn’t enforced, claimed some witnesses at a Capitol Hill hearing. Regulation aside, there is evidence a business-case for privacy technology is emerging, and Omidyar Network is pushing on that. One investing area — technologies that help to “de-identify” personal data. And should that anonymized data be controlled by a nonprofit? All that plus a quote and tidbits, in Privacy Beat. READ MORE

Privacy Beat, June 6, 2019

Multiple States Moving New Privacy Legislation Forward

While Congress holds a few hearings and focuses on antitrust law, states are trying out innovative ideas on the privacy front (New York) and enacting “opt-out” laws (Nevada). And the picture is becoming pretty clear — big tech is determined to beat back any efforts to give individual citizens the right to sue for their privacy rights. You can follow the action — The National Conference of State Legislatures keeps track of state laws related to internet privacy. Not to be outdone by lawmakers, both Apple and Mozilla took steps to make life harder for Google and Facebook to track users. Details, in Privacy Beat, this week. READ MORE

Privacy Beat, May 30, 2019

Rounding Out Our First Month of Privacy Beat

We are one month in and there has been a lot happening in the world of data privacy. This week we are continuing to follow updates to CCPA, Apple’s 3rd-party tracking crackdown in Safari, new research on the monetary value of cookies in advertising (or lack thereof), data privacy violations in mobile apps, and new calls from the ad industry for a Data Protection Bureau within the FTC. READ MORE

Privacy Beat, May 23, 2019

GDPR turns 1!

Key AdTech Inventor Says Consumers Need Protection As Senate Panel Probes Privacy and Competition

The infant hit its first birthday this week, and how is its world changing?  A year ago the European General Data Protection Regulation took effect. This week you can learn that the U.S. Senate is paying attention to baby GDPR, and states like Massachusetts and California are readying siblings. Big companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are watching and responding to the infant warily and regulators in Ireland are starting to test the baby’s strength. This week, on the Privacy Beat.  READ MORE

Privacy Beat, May 16, 2019

Times Are a Changin’ When It Comes to Data Privacy

Two developments over the last week are escalating concern for publishers, tech companies and perhaps advertisers over how their businesses are shifting.  The ongoing forcing function is the California Consumer Privacy Act, which will take effect in some form on Jan. 1.   The problem is — what form?  California’s attorney general is now concerned he may not have enough staff to enforce it. Meanwhile, Google continues to find a middle ground between its dominant ad business and taking privacy-enhancing actions that could punish competitors and invite anti-trust scrutiny. It’s using its control over the Chrome browser in this effort. Meanwhile, scrappy search engine DuckDuckGo thinks it can ride privacy and contextual advertising to greater success. All this week in Privacy Beat.  READ MORE

Privacy Beat, May 9, 2019

Privacy taking center stage?

The executive suites at Google, Facebook and Apple, like it or not, are now talking publicly about privacy and their products. Browser software is being adjusted to listen better to consumer privacy preferences — and deprecate the excesses of third-party cookies. The FTC is considering a multi-billion-dollar fine against Facebook. And stories are emerging that Congress might be able to forge a bipartisan consensus on digital privacy.  We’re trying to keep you up to date on these trends weekly with Privacy Beat. Here’s this week’s edition. READ MORE

Privacy Beat, May 2, 2019

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